The Casualty of Dream Chasing


In the quest to achieve our dreams, we start out so excited. We see our dream clearly. We take the steps to make it happen. It becomes an all-consuming thing. Our lives revolve around it.

“Now I could let these dream killers kill my self-esteem
Or use my arrogance as the steam to power my dreams”

from “Last Call” by Kanye West

I love Kanye West.* Call him an arrogant douche bag asshole, and he’d probably agree with you. But I admire him because he had/has the balls to chase his dream. Even Jay-Z wasn’t completely sold on Yeezy when they met, but there was something about Yeezy that made Jay give him a shot.

Sometimes I feel like creativity is just external expressions of madness. But that leads into the question: what is normal? Is it normal to get up every day and hate your job? Is it normal to wish every day that you’d taken that risk, wrote that book, told him you loved him, or got on that plane? Is it normal to breathe regret instead of oxygen? If that’s what normal is, I don’t want it.

When you’re chasing your dream, it won’t be easy. It will be hard as fuck. You’ll want to give up…often. For the last few weeks I’ve struggled with keeping the steam needed to follow my dream of using my writing to build my own business. But Rae said something today that blew my mind. She said:

Action cures fear.

Let that sink into your cerebellum real quick. Taking action is the casualty of chasing your dreams. You won’t die. Your fear will. You might make a mistake (my biggest fear) or do something silly, but you can always recover. Rebranding is real.

I am going to chase my dreams until they give up and transform into new ones. I will hunt them down with the skill of a lioness and present them to my king (whenever he decides to show up). I am going to push forward and do what makes me happy, and not berate myself for changing my mind.

What do you dream of doing? Leave a comment!

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