Sacred Sunday

Sunday is my day.

Of course it’s the Lord’s Day as well. But Sunday is usually the day where I do nothing except rest and get in touch with myself & God. I get up, meditate & pray, then I just lounge about in bed. Maybe I’ll read. Maybe I’ll watch another Bollywood movie. But I try to do as little as possible on Sunday.


Because I feel like I need some time that belongs to me, and no one else.

As a woman, I get pulled in so many directions. People are always demanding something. In an effort to protect my own mental health, I took a stance a year ago that Sunday belongs to me.

Men seem to find it weird that I don’t go out on Sundays. I occasionally make an exception for brunch (but it has to be a tried and tested GOOD ass brunch), but that’s about it. I think it’s important to have that time to devote to your own self-care. Whenever I have kids, I plan to teach them about the importance of having time to yourself and respecting other people’s time. But until then, you can catch me under these covers. Chilling on my day off.


Do you take time out for yourself? What do you do with that time?

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